New Orleans, Louisiana


The land on which Hotel Provincial stands was a grant from the king of France, Louis XV, who gave it to Bienville Lieutenant Louis Boucher de Granpre in 1725. The land was bought by Chevalier Jean Lavillebeuvre, then purchased and developed by the Roque and Laurans families during the 1800s, before being sold to the French Market Ice Company in 1903. The Dupepe family subsequently purchased the property in 1958 and opened the hotel in 1961.

Several of the buildings were used as a Civil War hospital, which gives credence to the many claims of paranormal activity at this property. With 94 rooms spanning several buildings, Building #5 is said to be the most haunted. Guests who have stayed in this building have reported walking into their rooms to find bloody soldiers writhing in agonizing pain. There are reports of ghostly surgeons and amputees leaning against the walls, all who vanish when the lights are turned on. Many people have also claimed to see blood stains appearing and disappearing mysteriously on the bedding of particular rooms. Multiple descriptions of Confederate soldiers aimlessly wandering the hallways, unwilling or unaware that they should pass into the next world, have been documented. Reported pools of blood on the floor have evaporated when the lights are switched on. One of the most graphic reports was from a guest who swears that the elevator doors opened onto a vivid scene of a bloody 1860’s military hospital floor, before closing again.


[reluctance of front desk to discuss hauntings][Bellhop’s story of male ghost turning around and smiling at him][Alarm clock went off in the middle of the night]



All images in the gallery are original images taken durring an investigation.

Author: Brent Cummings