Best Ghost Hunting Gear

For a more advanced ghost hunt, here are some more gadgets that will enhance your experience:

360 Degree Ghost Cam

The Rolls Royce of ghost hunting equipment, this camera does it all. The need to waste time setting up multiple cameras, and running wires, to cover one room are a thing of the past with this camera. This device has the ability to film an entire room by itself. With its amazing 4k video quality, and 360-degree one lens recording capability you will not miss even the slightest amount of activity. Some of the other features are:

  • 360° video with one lens and no stitching
  • Stunning 4K HD video quality
  • Full spectrum / night vision
  • Use with the 360 IR Puck for night vision
  • Interactively, virtual reality video
  • WiFi stream to phone or tablet
  • Upload 360° online to share it all
  • Easy to use, one-touch recording
  • Attaches to 360 Puck modules
  • Rechargeable battery or plug in power for extended use
  • 16MP photos and POV front-facing video mode

With its interactive 360-degree virtual reality video, full spectrum/night vision and being able to combine it with 360 puck modules, this camera will be a cornerstone device for any investigation.


The look and feel of a children’s teddy bear, but this isn’t a toy. Used as a trigger object when hunting ghost. Trigger objects are things that ghost were familiar with, when they were amongst the living. The idea is that these will entice the spirit to interact with the object. In this case, perhaps the spirit of a child will want to touch the BooBuddy, which in turn sets off the built in EMF detector to alert the investigators of the presence of a ghost. Some of the features:

  • Detects energy changes and responds with lights in the belly and paws when spikes arise
  • All electronics are completely hidden from view within the doll
  • Hard-shell carry case (optional add-on)

Laser Grid Systems

From a laser grid pen, that fit into your pocket,  to the high end GS2 laser grid system, these products have taken ghost hunting to a new level. Grid systems are useful in detecting shadows and disturbances during spirit investigations. The simpler grid pen emits a field of green dots that you can adjust the size and shape of the stars, depending on your location in a room. The powerful GS2 system does it all. Hand built upon order at Ghost Stop, the G2 has an impressive list of abilities:

  • Visual laser grid projects a red pattern to identify visual disturbances
  • Multiple sensors detect and alert to environment change within the laser-mapped area
  • Senses motion, distance, direction and temperature fluctuations
  • Conducts baseline readings
  • Multiple displays indicate readings with sound alerts
  • Event counter indicates number of occurrences with characteristics
  • Visually determine dimensions, shape, speed for aid in 3D modeling
  • Tripod mount on bottom of unit for easy directional placement (tripod not included)
  • Rechargeable battery with USB charger
  • Many sensors in one device detect multiple characteristics of an entity:
    • Motion
    • Distance
    • Direction
    • Temperature
    • Shape and Size
    • Baseline Readings
    • Event Counter Detail

 Laser Grid Projection Mapping

We’ve created a new laser grid projector just for the GS2 with greater sharpness and power. This laser blankets the surface area of a room with a projected visible pattern making it easy to visually identify anomalies entering the space. The sensors look at the area within the grid and log many detected characteristics of each ‘pixel’ within the space. Like most Ghost Stop-brand products, we used red light whenever possible purposely for optimal night vision preservation in the environment.

Anything that passes in front of the laser with significant enough mass will cause a visual disturbance in the pattern and trigger visual displays on the device. With enough mass, the anomaly will reflect back a different pattern, bowing the lines along the surface. All of this information, combined with the collected sensor data, will be an aid to someone with 3D modeling experience to draw a model of the entity or object.

EVP Wrist Band Recorder- High quality EVP recorder in the convenience of a wrist watch. Just hit record and start your investigation, the long battery life and high volume storage will last you all night. With its built-in speaker, playback is simple and spontaneous. With its strategically placed microphone, and no more fumbling around with hand-held recorders, evidence will no longer be contaminated with this device.

  • Crisp, high quality sound
  • Comfortably worn on your wrist with adjustable band
  • NEW Full color screen menu
  • NEW LIVE Listening of EVPs
  • NEW Built-in speaker for review
  • NEW Double storage space
  • Lighted display for view in the dark
  • 8GB storage for recordings or file transfer
  • Rechargeable long-lasting battery

Flux 2 Paranormal Response Device

Simply place device in a designated area, ask questions and wait for a response, its that easy. Ask yes or no questions, as well as close-ended questions, which ever you choose. Responses will be given through either a red or green light as well as a tone which will indicate the answer to your questions.

  • Clear responses with color changing lights for quick reference
  • NEW Light and sound indicators to help determine distance
  • NEW Zone selection to adjust sensitivity area
  • Sound alerts with scaling tones for clear audible indicators
  • Multiple environmental sensors for easy interaction
  • Rechargeable long-life battery

 Mel Meter with EMF REM and ATDD

Detects natural and man-made EMF frequencies, as well as ambient temperature changes, while investigating in the field. A new feature is a mini telescopic antenna, that radiates an independent magnetic field around the instrument. The device also has the ATDD (Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection) unit that alerts you to ambient temperature changes using audio tones. A drop in temperature signals a lower tone, while a rise in temperature will signal a high-pitched tone.

  • ELF range down to 30Hz
  • Night vision safe, high intensity red flashlight and red backlight
  • Multi-colored REM-ATDD LED lights
  • Built in ATDD (Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection) with audible tone alerts
  • Custom dual display correlates EMF & temperature cold spots simultaneously
  • Custom glow-in-the-dark push buttons. A 30 sec charge from your flashlight lasts 3 hours
  • Super bright custom red night view display with on/off button
  • Fast response type “K” thermocouple temperature sensor for ambient temperature readings
  • Record feature captures minimum and maximum values

360 Degree Puck Infrared Light

Just set this light in the center of the room and it will light up an entire room with night vision. This infrared light was made to ensure full coverage of the area you are investigating. No more missing that was just out of view, this unit was made specifically with ghost hunting in mind. Use on its own or with another 360 puck module system.

  • 360° infrared light for full room coverage
  • Interlocking system for changing components
  • Plug-in power using AC or USB battery pack for portability
  • Sturdy, metal tripod mount
  • Made with super lightweight, strong and biodegradable PLA material



Geophone Vibration System with Remote Sensor

Designed to detect even the slightest movement, even from far away, the GVS also detects more audible sounds such as footsteps, creaking floors and walls, vibrations, as well as everything else that goes bump in the night. The remote sensor allows you to set this device up practically everywhere, tables, floors, etc. The Geophone listens for vibrations and sends the data to an easy to read visual display. It also has LED lights that light up to signal the strength and variation of movement.

  • High sensitivity geophone sensor detects even small vibrations
  • Remote sensor with detachable/extendable cable
  • Glow-in-the-dark sensor for spotting the darkness
  • NEW! Free rugged rubber boot for added protection with belt loop
  • Sensitivity control adjustment knob
  • Comes with flexible tripod for readout unit

Flir Thermal Cam

A must have for any investigation. Very easy to use, just point in the direction you choose and pull the trigger. The Flir will show any abnormalities in thermal temperature that will alert you to a spirit’s presence. Also saves images for you to review later on.

  • High sensitivity geophone sensor detects even small vibrations
  • Remote sensor with detachable/extendable cable
  • Glow-in-the-dark sensor for spotting activity in the darkness
  • NEW! Free rugged rubber boot for added protection with belt loop
  • Sensitivity control adjustment knob
  • Comes with flexible tripod for readout unit

Rem-Pod EMT Programmable with Temperature Detection

Originally designed for the Ghost Adventures crew, the Rem-Pod radiates its own magnetic field that can be influenced by objects and materials the conduct electricity. LED lighting display lights up when disturbance is detected. Also includes ATDD that detects temperature changes. Blue light lights up when temperature drops, Red light when temperature increases. The ATDD helps by detecting environmental changes which could be an indication a spirit is close to device.

  • New design
  • Proximity detection with range adjustment
  • Temperature change alert (ATDD) with audible tones
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • LED to indicate temperature changes (red for warmer, blue for cooler)
  • Automatic or manual baseline correction
  • Independent switches so you can use one function or both
  • Programmable features

Full Spectrum and Infrared Dual Switch Lighting

This powerful light gives you the ability to switch between night vison (infrared) or full spectrum light in one compact device. Features 6 high powered LED lights with connection on bottom to mount to tripod. Choose which lighting source is best for your investigation by simply flipping the switch. For a wider display of Infrared light only, check out the Infrared Wide Angle Flood Light.

  • Over 60 foot distance (depending on camera specs)
  • Long lasting – over 6 hours on a single battery
  • Hotshoe and tripod mountable
  • 6 triple high power infrared LEDs
  • Exposed rear battery compartment for quick and easy battery swaps

Full Spectrum POV Cam

Mount it anywhere you like, this hands free POV camera takes full spectrum, night vision HD video. You can use the wifi feature to view videos on your phone or tablet. Take it on all your investigations as it can mount to your chest, bike, head, and of course tripods.

  • Made especially for ghost hunting
  • 4K Ultra HD resolution (4X the quality of 1080p)
  • Exposure boost for brighter shots in low light
  • Records in total darkness (with IR light for night vision)
  • Live View via Wi-Fi with your phone/tablet free download
  • Unlimited power! Plugs into power or USB battery
  • Wide selection of mounting capabilities (many included)
  • Wide-angle lens to capture it all
  • Made by GhostStop specs for low light and extended battery life
  • Rechargeable and replaceable battery – swap them out as needed
  • NEW! Upgraded faster FPS: now up to 120fps

 Motion Sensor Alarm

Just place it anywhere you are anticipating movement. This sensor will not miss anything. Alerts you to movement in various ways, lights, voice, chimes, etc. It can also run on batteries, for places with no electricity. Can be plugged in as well. For best results pair it up with a camera to catch that elusive image.

  • Light indicator triggered by motion for visual alerts
  • Pleasant voice to “welcome” a presence
  • Chime, alarm and 32 music choices
  • Volume adjustment
  • Battery or plug-in power
  • Compact and easy to setup and use